Appropriate Occasions to Wear Tuxedo Suits

Wearing suits can be one of the most infuriating outfit choices for me. They seem unsure of when a suit is appropriate and when a tux is appropriate. Finding the appropriate occasions to wear tuxedo suits, while stressful especially for summer suits, does not have to be confusing. There is actually a sure fire way to make sure that your tuxedo is appropriate.

 appropriate occasions to wear tuxedo suits

Prom: Proms and formal dances are the perfect time to wear a tux; in fact you should not show up in a suit at all. If you are very individualistic and do not really like conformity, try wearing a different colored shirt under your tux with a fun bow-tie to escape the mundane black and white colors. This will help you stand out while being formal and traditional, just make sure your individualism does not clash with your date’s dress. That’s a recipe for anger and a stressful night.

Wedding: Depending on the wedding style, a wedding is the most appropriate occasions to wear tuxedo suits. Usually the groom and groomsmen wear tuxes, but if the wedding is really upscale, then even if you are not in the wedding party you may want to wear a tux. Similarly, if the wedding is really laid back or bohemian, then wearing a tux would make you look extremely out of place. Make sure you ask the bride or someone close to the bride what kind of dress you should wear if you are nervous about your outfit choice. In some occasions a casual suit is perfect wedding attire.

Funerals: Unless specified, generally a tux is too fancy for a funeral. You should wear a black suit to show your condolences, but unless the person was extremely high profile, such as a president, a tuxedo will be too much.

 summer suits

Parties: Formal parties have varying dress codes. Usually a nice suit will be satisfactory, but if the party is very a-list, such as Diddy’s white and black party, a tuxedo may be appropriate. Make sure if you have questions about dress you ask, but generally the invitation will specify what you should wear and whether it’s formal; tuxedo, business casual; slacks and button down or business formal; suit and tie. If you still feel unsure, call the host because sometimes dress can mean different things in different cities. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Awards Ceremony: Depending on the grandeur of the ceremony depends on the grandeur of dress, but generally awards ceremonies are one of the most appropriate occasions to wear tuxedo suits. If you are the master of ceremonies or being recognized then a tux is appropriate especially if the event is more formal. If it is very casual a suit and tie should be fine. Remember there are two kinds of suits, evening suits and business suits. Businesses are generally more casual while evening suits are made of nicer material with a richer color.